Sunday, July 26, 2009

Drop Kick Ale Packaging

Drop Kick Ale 6-pack packaging and label design.

Drop Kick Ale bottle label design close-up.

I had a blast designing and illustrating this packaging. All the lettering is hand-rendered for a one of a kind look. The illustrations of "DK" and his team-mates (on the back of the box) are based on early 20th century European football players. "DK"is the team captain of a soccer team. He is rough and tumble guy on the field, but the first one to buy you pint after the game.

The Beer That Kicks Back

"In the summer of 2008, the Kansas City Soccer Foundation and Weston Brewing Company teamed up to create a hand-crafted, traditional ale that can be served in either cask-conditioned, hand-drawn barrels or conventional bottles and kegs. Three months and twelve hundred gallons later. Drop Kick Ale had made it's mark as the beer that kicks back. Today, Weston Brewing Company is proud to donate $10 for every keg and $2 per case sold to the Kansas City Soccer Foundation to directly benefit youth scholarship and athletics."

Drop Kick Ale back of packaging


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