Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pilate's Cross Book Cover

I recently had the opportunity to create a book cover design/illustration for my friend and author J. Alexander Greenwood. His new novel, "Pilate's Cross" is available for purchase at Smashwords Publishing. Visit the author's website for more information and to read an excerpt of the novel.

I really enjoyed working on this project. I was able to explore my love of illustrating type and it's relation to negative space. The title is knocked out of the silhouette of the man's profile, forming a "maze". This signifies the characters "internal search" along with the "external search" for answers in regard to the murder mystery. There is a small graphic figure of a man entering the maze. The black and white relates to the winter setting for the story.

Pilate's Cross


Harvey said...

David, thoroughly enjoyed reviewing your work; the Pilate's Cross cover is great. Your multi-faceted artistry and accomplishments in the various forms are, I'm sure, personally rewarding, as they should be. I would just ask that you frequently post more of your art here for all (at least me!) to see. J. Alex is my nephew (my wife's sister's son); I'm not sure you are aware that Jason got a lot (at least some) of his inspiration, motivation, and guidance for writing from a much admired and beloved Stepfather, western writer Rob Trevathan; an Oklahoma Western Writer's hall of Fame inductee. Here's hoping you'll be continuing to provide Jason with your art for his future project(s). Lots of good fortune (artistically & $$$) to you, Sir, in the future. Again, more posted art?

David Allen Terrill said...

Hi Harvey,

Thanks for the kind words. I am very fortunate to have Alex's friendship and professional association. I look forward to working with him again in the future. He is quite a talented writer and a great friend. Thanks for the added insight into his literary roots.

I will be increasing my posts of my work. So check back often. Thanks for your interest!


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