Saturday, January 23, 2010

Various Illustrations

Below is a collection of illustrations created over the past few years. Included are editorial illustrations and a couple posters/t-shirt designs. I like to mix up the media, so there is a smattering of watercolor, acrylic, and inked drawing/digital painting techniques.

for a Literary Cook Book
– Acrylic paint and colored pencil

Piece for the KC Star
– Inked drawings with digital painting

Poster for the 1st RMAF 2003
– Inked drawings with digital painting and hand lettering

St. Patrick's Day Poster and T-Shirt Design for Harry's Country Club
– Limited color palette to to give it an old honkey tonk 
– Inked drawing and digital color and typography

Personal piece for my Dad
– Straight-up watercolor painting

Catalog Cover Concept
– Watercolor and digital painting/lettering

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ink Drawings

I love to draw in ink using a crow quill nibs and a dip pen.I recently ran across a few ink drawings from past projects. I thought it would be nice to show them in their early/raw stages. Below are a few in no particular order. Included are portraits of Alan Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Concept Sketches for "Pub Installaton"


These drawings were concepts for a corner "nook" in a local Irish themed pub. There was an oddly shaped corner space that was perfect for a fun themed "animatronic-like" experience. The idea was to have kind of a shadowbox effect in the corner with exaggerated angles, motion and light. Every piece would be flat 2-D painting, layered in fore, middle and background. Curtains in front, characters in the middle then the background/walls. To give you an idea of scale, the top of the stone wall is the height of a chair or booth back. Earth, water and air are themed throughout all the concepts, along with music and storytelling. Each piece had motion in mind along with the use of dramatic lighting. Below is a brief description of each concept.

1. Musicians: The most straightforward idea, 3 musicians playing, simple movement and dramatic lighting coming from the footlights and back lighting the trio.

2. Musicians B: Variation on the above, but taking it a step further having each musician symbolize earth, water and air. Each would moving in accordance to their nature.

3. Storyteller: A large bust of a man. The top of his head opens to release a lifetime of stories.

4. Séance: A Séance theme. 3 portraits of our characters moving on the wall, flickering light in the center of the table. Spirit world all around them in the background. More dramatic lighting.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Drop Kick Ale Beer Tap Handle

This is the last piece in the Drop Kick Ale project. I designed a tap handle to be a 3-D representation of the "DK" character. I directed the manufacturer how I wanted the handle to look and feel. It needed to look like a weathered, carved piece of wood to capture the feel of days gone by. The piece turned out well considering some of the limitations with the production process. It should stand out next to other handles and entice someone to give the beer a try.

Above is my original sketch and specs for the Tap Handle Design 

The completed tap handle

Friday, January 1, 2010

In Memory of Ella Sue Terrill 1943-2009

My dear mother, Ella Sue Terrill, unexpectedly passed away a week before Christmas.This is a very difficult time in my life as well as my entire family. After reviewing her obituary, I felt it did not even begin to tell the story of my mother, at least what she has meant to me. I would not be "Drawing All Day" if not for my mother and father and their support through the years.

I grew up in a fairly small town. There wasn't a lot of "The Arts" present in my little corner of the world. But, at a young age my mom recognized my ability and nurtured it. I remember her taking me to a retired woman's house who taught art to children. I remember my mother supplying me with art sets to teach myself how to paint and draw (I always think of the John Gnagy sets, along with the Walter Foster books). When I was older she enrolled me in classes at the Middletown Fine Art Center to take drawing and painting classes from a wildlife artist. I was the only youth attending classes with mostly retired folks (I still recall this is where I learned how to draw an eye). Not having any real art classes in high school, she was always looking for ways to expose me to art instruction.

The years went by, countless sketch pads, pencils and paints used up, walls filled with my creations, and it was time to attend college. I went off to Miami of Ohio to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. My parents continued support was amazing. Some parents may have viewed my love of art as a hobby, not as a potential career, but I didn't ever hear the "you better have something to fall back on" speech. Both my mom and dad totally supported me in my quest. I went on to achieve success and personal fulfillment in my chosen vocation. I am lucky, I get to "Draw All Day". I owe this to my parents.

Ella Sue Terrill was an amazing mom, wife, nana, and friend. She gave me the tools to be a good man, husband and father. She was also my muse.

I love you mom.

Mom and Me

Mom and my son 

Mom and my daughter 

On my wedding day, which is also her birthday