Saturday, January 9, 2010

Concept Sketches for "Pub Installaton"


These drawings were concepts for a corner "nook" in a local Irish themed pub. There was an oddly shaped corner space that was perfect for a fun themed "animatronic-like" experience. The idea was to have kind of a shadowbox effect in the corner with exaggerated angles, motion and light. Every piece would be flat 2-D painting, layered in fore, middle and background. Curtains in front, characters in the middle then the background/walls. To give you an idea of scale, the top of the stone wall is the height of a chair or booth back. Earth, water and air are themed throughout all the concepts, along with music and storytelling. Each piece had motion in mind along with the use of dramatic lighting. Below is a brief description of each concept.

1. Musicians: The most straightforward idea, 3 musicians playing, simple movement and dramatic lighting coming from the footlights and back lighting the trio.

2. Musicians B: Variation on the above, but taking it a step further having each musician symbolize earth, water and air. Each would moving in accordance to their nature.

3. Storyteller: A large bust of a man. The top of his head opens to release a lifetime of stories.

4. Séance: A Séance theme. 3 portraits of our characters moving on the wall, flickering light in the center of the table. Spirit world all around them in the background. More dramatic lighting.


Abby Orlando said...

This is way cool. I remember being in studio and watching you doodle in your sketch book and just being mezmorized.

David Allen Terrill said...

Thanks Abby, you are too kind.

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