Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Drop Kick Ale Beer Tap Handle

This is the last piece in the Drop Kick Ale project. I designed a tap handle to be a 3-D representation of the "DK" character. I directed the manufacturer how I wanted the handle to look and feel. It needed to look like a weathered, carved piece of wood to capture the feel of days gone by. The piece turned out well considering some of the limitations with the production process. It should stand out next to other handles and entice someone to give the beer a try.

Above is my original sketch and specs for the Tap Handle Design 

The completed tap handle


andrewzender said...

David, this stuff is awesome!

David Allen Terrill said...

Thanks Andrew! It was a blast.
Always fun to do work for a beer client.

Marcos Arteaga ( M-arte) said...

Wow! It Looks really nice!

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