Saturday, January 23, 2010

Various Illustrations

Below is a collection of illustrations created over the past few years. Included are editorial illustrations and a couple posters/t-shirt designs. I like to mix up the media, so there is a smattering of watercolor, acrylic, and inked drawing/digital painting techniques.

for a Literary Cook Book
– Acrylic paint and colored pencil

Piece for the KC Star
– Inked drawings with digital painting

Poster for the 1st RMAF 2003
– Inked drawings with digital painting and hand lettering

St. Patrick's Day Poster and T-Shirt Design for Harry's Country Club
– Limited color palette to to give it an old honkey tonk 
– Inked drawing and digital color and typography

Personal piece for my Dad
– Straight-up watercolor painting

Catalog Cover Concept
– Watercolor and digital painting/lettering


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