Friday, April 16, 2010

Weston Ruddy Wheat: Beer Logo/Label & Packaging

I am once again lucky enough to get to design and illustrate beer packaging for my friends at Weston Brewing Company. I really enjoyed creating the Leapin' Leprechaun and Drop Kick Ale packaging for them in the past. This time around I thought it might be fun to share the process and evolution of the packaging from the very beginning.

I like to pull out a pencil and sketch first, then work out color in marker early in the process.This allows me the freedom to experiment. I find that if I jump into using the computer too soon, I tend to get married to a design before I have fully explored other options. Below are the two sketches I landed on. The main logo image on the left and a secondary image on the right. Hand lettering the fonts is something I have grown to love over the years. It made sense for this design to follow suite and fit right in with the LL and DKA packaging. See image 1a. below.

Next, the carrier for the bottles. I felt an old wood crate fit the feel of the artwork. It was fun illustrating the wood with the brass corner hardware and an old paint washed crate. The beer logo/label is intended to look like it is printed directly onto the wood, time worn and established. See packaging image 1b. below.

After reviewing with the client, there were some minor revisions to the art. The request made were:  make the beer glass slightly larger, add the words " Handcrafted Amber Wheat Ale, and enlarge the "Wheat" in the banner. See the revisions in image 2 below.

The last image is of the 6-pack carrier flat (unfolded). The same elements from the front panel are carried thought the design. See image 3 below.

There will be a fun interactive element that I will explain when I post photos of the actual packaging and bottles after production. Look for an update in the near future.

 1a. Original sketches and marker comps for logo/label

 1b. Front panel of 6-pack carrier

 2. Label for the bottles with revisions

3. 6-pack carrier (unfolded & flat)


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