Friday, May 13, 2011

The American Jazz Museum: PEER Logo

A fun project I recently completed was a logo design for the American Jazz Museum. It is a logo to represent the new initiative the American Jazz Museum is taking toward fund raising. Below is the final logo design, concepts, and a short video and story from our local NBC affiliate. It was fun using letterpress type and illustration combined to create this piece.

This logo design is a new member of a family of logos created for the AMJ. The logo for the Rhythm and Ribs event logo can be viewed here.

Final PEER logo

Original Concepts for Logo

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - The American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, is launching a new initiative called PEER into the Future.

At a luncheon on Monday, business executives, community leaders and corporate managers were asked to become lifelong donors and volunteers to continue the mission of the Jazz Museum.

The American Jazz Museum is the only museum in the world solely focused on the preservation, exhibition and advancement of jazz.

“We want to have traveling exhibits that go around the country promoting jazz and showing incredible historic performances on film,” said Greg Carroll, CEO of the American Jazz Museum.

“We also want to increase student attendance at the Jazz Museum so that those students become future jazz audiences and jazz performers,” Carroll added.
“This is about securing jazz as the original American music art form that it is with deep roots in Kansas City,” Carroll explained.

If you would like to donate visit the American Jazz Museum at www.American
From NBC Acton News


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